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The Southwest portion of the U.S., especially Southern California and Arizona, has a long and storied history as the birthplace for exceptional custom high performance powerboats since the early 1950s. Not surprising, production volumes are relatively low simply since the majority of these boats are built-to-order, customized with colors, graphics, upholstery and engine/propulsion packages specially designated to satisfy the wishes of the ultimate owner. Not only do these boats exhibit incredible craftsmanship, but the attention to detail is beyond belief. Each boat takes on its own individual personality and is a direct reflection of a close collaboration of builder and owner.

The Lake Havasu Boat Show, for many reasons, has evolved and become the showplace for these magnificent creations. New models are frequently introduced at the show featuring the latest technological advancements that the industry has to offer. Everything is fair game…..nothing is too exotic. Whether you’re a potential buyer or not, just to view these remarkable boats up close and in person is well worth the price of admission.

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