2019 Recap: Get Ready for 2020 Tournament

On April 6 and 7, we traveled to Lake Havasu for their Annual Boat Show. During the event, we ran six different tournaments with capstone event being a $2,500 Doubles tournament, sponsored by Havasu Community Credit Union. See full details below.. The event attracted players from Arizona, California and Nevada. including five ACL Pros and a number of other high level and up-and-coming players from the west coast. The event was highlighted by free camping, gorgeous views, plenty of bags and $3,400 in payouts! Thank you to all of the players who made the trip out! The feedback was wonderful and the venue was a fan-favorite!

Advanced Doubles

All experienced teams competed in a 6-7 game pool play on Saturday. Results from the pool play seeded each team into either an Advanced or Competitive level double elimination tournament on Sunday. Doug & Bill went undefeated during pool play and the double elimination tournament to take down the $1,000 top prize.

  • 1st: Doug & Bill (AZ)
  • 2nd: Wes & Patrick (NV)
  • 3rd: Blake & Brett (CA)
  • 4th: Tony & Dave (NV)

Advanced Singles

A total of 24 players competed in the Advanced Singles double elimination tournament on Saturday. Wes Pare shot lights out the entire day going undefeated for the win!

  • 1st: Wes P. (NV)
  • 2nd: Bill H. (AZ)
  • 3rd: Jeff L. (NV)
  • 4th: Doug Z. (AZ)
  • 5th: Blake D. (CA) & Ty L. (AZ)
  • 2nd Chance winner: Larry F. (AZ)

Competitive Doubles

The competitive doubles teams took the lower half of the teams from Saturday’s pool play. The teams competed in a double elimination tournament for a portion of the $2,500 prize pool. Grant and Sean didn’t drop a game through the DE tournament.

  • 1st: Sean G. & Grant B. (NV)
  • 2nd: Justin O. & Derrick C. (AZ)
  • 3rd: Bert A. (AZ) & KT T. (NV)

Competitive Singles

A total of 24 players competed in the Competitive Singles double elimination tournament on Saturday. Bryan Harris used his anger from a disappointing doubles tournament to go undefeated for the win!

  • 1st: Bryan H. (AZ)
  • 2nd: Nick N. (AZ)
  • 3rd: Melissa F. (AZ)
  • 4th: Valerie L. (AZ)
  • 5th: Brian H. (NV) & Jared M. (AZ)
  • 2nd Chance winner: Stephanie P. (NV)

Social Doubles

In the Social Doubles tournament, twelve teams competed in a four game round robin to determine seeding where all of the teams advanced to a single elimination tournament. Cindy & Juana went 3-1 in round robin followed by winning three straight games in the single elimination tournament to win the division.

  • 1st: Cindy & Juana (NV)
  • 2nd: Paul & Brian (AZ)
  • 3rd: Bryan & Corina (AZ)

Social Singles

In the Social Singles tournament, eight players competed in a three game round robin to determine seeding where all of the players advanced to a double elimination tournament. Bob C. came back to double dip Cindy in the championship to win the division.

  • 1st: Bob C. (AZ)
  • 2nd: Cindy R. (NV)
  • 3rd: Glenn L. (AZ) (not pictured)


Play Some POKER at the BOAT SHOW!


Want to play a little poker while you’re at the Boat Show on Saturday and Sunday? Why not…..it’s FREE to enter and participate. And who knows you might get lucky and win some cool prizes. It’s all on-land inside the Boat Show Poker run. Just stop by the Danny’s Marketplace booth just inside the admission ticket area at the front entrance and sign-up. It’s fun and costs you nothing! Good luck and enjoy.


Let’s get this Boat Show started! It’s on….Friday night, April 4 at the Heat Hotel/Bar (just across the London Bridge on the island)– the Lake Havasu Boat Show “Meet and Greet” sponsored by Riverdavesplace.com. Come enjoy the outdoor bar balcony overlooking the London Bridge Channel starting at 7:00pm on. Live music, dancing and plenty of cocktail specials. Boat Show exhibitors, be sure and wear your exhibitor badges — show exhibitors with badges receive a 20% discount off their bar tab at the end of the evening! The Heat Hotel is located at 1420 McCulloch Blvd. on the island, adjacent to the Javelina Cafe. See ya’ there!

Wear Your Water Clothes….Demo a Hobie Kayak or Paddleboard

This year, the 29th Annual Lake Havasu Boat Show is more inter-active than ever! Bring your water apparel and try out a new Hobie Kayak or Paddleboard courtesy of Southwest Kayaks/Lower Gear of Lake Havasu. Come on down to the Windsor 4 beach and have some fun.

Boat to the Boat Show

Havasu Boat Show visitors have been asking for this for years, and now it’s a reality.  “Boat to the Boat Show” is happening Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 3-4-5. That’s right, if you’re boating around Lake Havasu during the Boat Show, just “beach-it” at the new white sand beach (about 600-feet wide) located at the northwest end of the London Bridge Channel. Drive a stake in to the sand and tie off your boat. There’s no charge for beach boat parking. The Boat Show is just up the beach. Regular boat show admission prices do prevail – $8 for adults, kids 6 & under are free. Remember, no alcohol is allowed in or out of the Boat Show. We have food courts and two beer gardens inside the show if you get hungry or thirsty. Boat Show hours are: Friday noon to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm. More info at https://www.lakehavasuboatshow.com